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Professional Hydro Testing and Cylinder Recharge Services

At Caribbean Inflatable Boats and Liferafts, Inc, we specialize in professional hydro testing and recharging cylinders for various industries and applications. Our services cater to both small and large cylinders, ensuring the safety and performance of your equipment, such as:

  • CO2
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • SCBA

We now refill SCUBA/SCBA tanks


Hydro Testing for
All Cylinder Types

Our experienced technicians can hydro-test any cylinder up to 60 inches tall. American cylinders require testing every five years, while European cylinders need their first test at 10 years and subsequent testing every five years.

Trust our team to ensure your cylinders meet industry standards and regulations.


SCBA Equipment Inspection
And Maintenance

In addition to hydro testing, we thoroughly inspect SCBA equipment to ensure optimum performance and safety.

Please note we now offer air refills on-site.

CO2 Recharge

CO2 Cylinder
Recharge For Home
And Business

From SodaStream cylinders to fire extinguishers, our facility can recharge CO2 beverage cylinders for home and business use.



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