Inflatable Boat Repair


Professional Repair Service

Our foreman, Ryan, has over 20 years experience repairing inflatable boats. Bring your boat to our shop for some in-shop repair work, or have the technician come to you for some repairs on-site. We work with both Hypalon and PVC materials.

Please contact us for scheduling and estimates.

Inflatable Boat Sales


Experienced Sales Representatives

We provide a deep knowledge of different types of boats and what will meet your needs. We are an authorized dealer of Achilles and Zodiac, some of the best boats on the market! 



Achilles manufactures their own Hypalon fabric, which ensures consistency in quality. Some of the longest-lasting boats, an Achilles will be reliable for years to come due to the integrity of their fabric and construction. Achilles also has excellent customer service support for any issues you may encounter.



From recreational to military grade - Zodiac has it all. They have many different models to fit your preference and budget. With so many options... there's a Zodiac for every need!